Rainmaster – Verstappen on ‘that’ Brazilian Grand Prix

Rainmaster – Max Verstappen on being F1’s new rainmaster

Every so often F1 is graced by a talent of mind-blowing proportions. Rain-soaked race tracks are often where those gifted individuals become legends by the time the chequered flag drops.

Think Jackie Stewart at the Nurburgring in 1968, Senna at Donnington in 1993 or Schumacher at Jerez in 1996. Moments etched in to F1 history by raw, unbridled talent and bravery.

Max Verstappen Interlagos 2016

Max Verstappen’s run to 3rd place in the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix was added to the short but illustrious list of drives that transcended the laws of physics.

Ahead of the 2017 F1 Brazilian Grand Prix our friends at Mobil 1 The Grid caught up with Verstappen to talk about ‘that’ drive at Interlagos and his hopes for another epic performance.

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