F1: British GP ‘hot and not’ list

Our now habitual post-race list of those who impressed and embarrassed at the British Grand Prix.


Hamilton. Bided his time after Bottas’ stellar start and took his chance with blistering in and out laps around his first stop. Got lucky that the heavier rain came just after his switch to inters. In the dry/damp laps beforehand he was losing chunks of time to Rosberg.

Vettel. Did not do anything particularly special and was out paced by his team mate all weekend. However took his opportunity when presented with it and snatched a podium that really should not have been his. Great salvage job.

Alonso – soldiered on and was rewarded for his solo test run with tenth place and his first point of the season. Almost entirely by virtue of accidents and mechanical issues of others but a points finish nonetheless. Hopefully something to keep the staff at McLaren Honda motivated.


Ferrari’s strategy gamble for Kimi was a real blow after such a strong weekend for the Finn. Considering the heavy criticism of Raikkonen in the media recently, this was shaping up to be the kind of weekend to silence the doubters for a while.

The decision to put him on inters early scuppered any chance of a strong finish. Spinning on the finish strait added insult to injury. Could have and probably should have been on the podium instead of Vettel.

Verstappen. The wonder performances weren’t going to last for ever and it was inevitable that at some point the rookie would face difficulties his natural talent could not overcome. From best of the rest in practice to bottom half of the grid in quali Max’s inexperience shone through – struggling to fathom where the speed had gone. Binning the car in the opening laps topped it off. A valuable lesson for the seventeen year old.

McLaren. The blame for their horrid season has been firmly laid at Honda’s door. Down on power – rumoured up to 100bhp – and thirsty and unreliable it is major problem. But throughout the weekend the car looked very nervous. Both button and Alonso seemed to lack aero and mechanical grip, having to wait an age to get the power down. Poor Honda drive ability will be the main cause however making up the power shortfall may not be the whole solution. Alonso lacked grip in the wet section of the race also which hints at mechanical and aero grip issues.

Rosberg. Poor start that failed to take advantage of mediocre one by his teammate was then punished by the Williams’. Seemed unable to offer anything in reply to either Hamilton or the two Williams in early stages. Came alive in the tricky dry/damp conditions and looked like he could have a chance. Scuppered by pitting a lap later than Hamilton for inters as the rainfall reached its heaviest. After Friday another disappointing conclusion to the weekend.

Williams strategy. Mercedes were bidding their time in the first third of the race but Williams played in to their hands. Bottas was quicker than Massa but their will they/won’t they fight each other helped keep the Mercedes close. It would have been really interesting to see what could have happened if Bottas had been able to stretch his legs.

Lotus – oh dear. Red Bull gave them
wings as they took each other out. Given the performances by Williams, a waste of a Mercedes engine this weekend.

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