German GP: Battling Hamilton, reckless moves and smart Rosberg

Whether you like him or not, you have to be impressed with Lewis Hamilton’s recovery during the German Grand Prix. Down the field by virtue of a brake-failure induced accident and gearbox penalty, the manner in which Hamilton scythed through the field was the Brit at his best.

Some moves were bordering on reckless. His move on Raikkonen relied on the Finn showing his sixth-sense for impending accidents but arguably it was needed. The spectacular first lap Massa/Magnussen accident resulted in a number of front-runners sitting lower down the field.  

For all that Hamilton’s performance was mighty, his team-mate put in a smart performance. Rosberg did everything efficiently and with minimal effort, taking the maximum from the race. An extended championship lead completed a fabulous week for the German.

The greatest excitement however was delivered by Fernando Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo. Their battle in the closing laps was F1 racing at its best and the Australian in particular was clever and brave in his various overtaking moves.

Despite indications that the removal of FRIC suspension had brought the field closer to Mercedes, race day proved the gains were marginal. Williams and the ever impressive Bottas are their closest challengers but without crashes/failures/calamities, it will be hard for anyone to knock the Silver Arrows off their perch. 

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