German Grand Prix preview: Rosberg v Hamilton, Williams and FRIC suspensions

After the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton fans – and the British media – were hailing his victory as a psychological blow for Nico Rosberg. As I wrote in an earlier post, that is a stretching reality quite a bit. Rosberg has nothing more to fear from Hamilton than he did before Silverstone. Rosberg out-drove and out-thought Hamilton to take pole and had the race under control until his gearbox packed in. His only concern will be the massive dent in his championship lead – which could prove important in time.

Whilst it is a shadow of its former self, Hockenheim is still a power track. Which mean Mercedes powered cars should once again come to the fore. Look to Williams to offer something for the works Mercedes cars and create another chance to try and take that elusive first win of 2014.

The sudden questioning by the FIA of the FRIC suspension system throws up another interesting angle for the weekend. With McLaren committing to remove it from their cars, the question is whether that will spoil the good vibes from Button’s performance two weeks ago, or will it prove that this trick suspension system isn’t that valuable? With confusion over which team(s) complained in the first place, it remains to be seen whether any protests or challenges will come this weekend from within the F1 paddock.

The next round of the Mercedes intra-team battle, plus another chance for Williams and the FRIC debate make this weekend essential viewing!

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