Hamilton, Rosberg & sporting ‘momentum’

Following the British GP, the F1 media circus has focused on what Sunday’s results mean for the Mercedes intra-team battle. The talk has mostly been about the illusive, intangible yet magical concept of sporting ‘momentum’.

For the British media, the momentum has firmly shifted back to Hamilton. A comprehensive victory combined with a DNF for his main rival is, for them, a psychological blow for Rosberg and a fillip for the 2008 champion. Sunday is being viewed as decisive as the momentum shifts from Rosberg.

Illusive as the concept of momentum in sports is, so one could argue is the evidence to suggest it now rests with Hamilton. His victory was aided by Rosberg’s gearbox failure and Nico claims his gearbox woes may have started on lap 20, casting potential doubt on Lewis’ speed after the first stops. Not to mention Hamilton’s error in qualifying – which is perhaps compounded by in car footage that appeared to show Rosberg catching Hamilton on what some claim was a pole lap for the Briton.

Hamilton will rightly feel back on track for the championship. Nico on the other hand may not have come away feeling anything more than disappointed his gearbox broke. 

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